Attention, Bosses: It’s Time to Get Flexible – #yeginthecity

Attention, Bosses: It’s Time to Get Flexible

Attention, Bosses: It’s Time to Get Flexible

The one in the cubicle, punching the clock on the nine-to-five (or eight-to-five, if we’re being realistic). Still hungry after your half-hour lunch? How’s that vacation planning going with your 10 days off this year?

Here’s the real question: Do you feel productive? And will you stay at your current job? 

Last week, The Harvard Business Review posted a piece telling the bosses of our generation to ease up on the clock-watching and get ready to set their employees free.

According to several studies (they cite this one), the millennial generation (anyone born from the early ‘80s to the early ‘00s) is deeply committed to finding flexibility in their careers. The freedom to choose where and when they work – and in many cases what projects they’re assigned to – is leading an entire generation down a road of independence through freelancing and entrepreneurship.

So what’s a company to do to keep top talent on their payroll? Harvard says it’s simple: give in and reap the rewards.

Open workflows, unassigned workstations, more vacation time, and especially remote work arrangements (allowing employees to telecommute) are just a few of the strategies being employed by businesses that are currently seeing increased productivity gains and growth in overall revenue. The figures are pretty impressive, as is the list of employers that includes the likes of American Express, IBM, Deloitte, and AT&T.

Basically, if your company has access to a webcam and the internet, you have what you need to get started on a path of motivating talented, freedom-hungry individuals to be the most efficient and effective members of your staff.

So whether you are the boss or you have a boss, proposing a distributed workforce is definitely something to consider.

Even if all it produces is better holiday parties full of people sharing stories of travel and culture, you’ll already be a step ahead.

Holiday Gifts You Didn’t Know He Wanted – #yeginthecity

Holiday Gifts You Didn’t Know He Wanted

Holiday Gifts You Didn

Ladies, this is our gift to you.

Instead of spending several stressful hours trying to figure out what the man in your life wants this Holiday season (hint, it’s probably exactly what he told you he wanted – he’s not complicated) we’ve gone ahead and found the answers.

We asked 14 young professional men what gifts they’d actually like to receive this year and this is what they said.

So pay attention before you start shopping.

1. “Long Johns, thermals, nice boots, or those warm roots socks. Stuff to keep you feeling warm and cozy this winter.”
– Jamie, Singer, 21


2. “Cologne is always a great gift. If you don’t know what scent to choose and you’re his girl, just get the one that you like the smell of best.”
– Jim, Broker, 23


3. “A full, classic shaving kit, with the blade and belt and all that jazz.”
–  Kyle, Blogger, 27


4. “Shopper’s Drug Mart gift cards, ’cause razors are so damn expensive, or a clipper to shave. Cologne that she likes, a good chef’s knife, an engraved pocket knife, a money clip, or a good pen. Anything classic that he will have for the rest of his life is always a safe bet.”
– Marco, Retail Owner, 35


5. “A belt or some type of beard trimmer. Ties for work or gym gear. Things that guys would never buy for themselves but are always in need of.”
– Adam, Project Coordinator for a Digital Marketing Agency, 28


6. “As a photographer, I would want equipment for work. Writing programs, editing programs, cool little stuff for work.”
– Hyghly, Photographer and Video Producer, 25


7. “A really nice throw with a leather carrier, or cashmere socks to add to my sock collection.”
– Tyrone, Television Host, 33


8. “Something that doesn’t mean I need to spend excess money to do it. One year my ex-girlfriend bought me a couples massage at Langdon Hall in Kitchener. I had to drive all the way to Kitchener because she didn’t have a car, buy dinner, and a hotel room for the night. It seemed more like a gift for her.”
– Curtis, Construction Business Owner, 26


9. “Something I can cross off my wish list. Pay attention to hints. Whether I see something while we are window shopping and say that I love it, or mention an item that my friend has that I like, or if I show you something while scrolling the net. Men leave hints just as much as women do.”
– Ben, Dentist, 37


10. “A few things that I want include cool socks for everyday, something traditional, but modern, such as a varsity jacket, or something rejuvenating like a massage. I’ve also had my eye on a pair of wireless audio headphones.”
– Robert, Photographer, 28


11. “It may seem nerdy, but for the serious gamer guys, the Gaems PGE is the ultimate gift. You can bring this game station anywhere because it comes with a screen that works with the Xbox 360 and Slim PlayStation 3. I’m sure this isn’t ideal for women, but this enables you to bring your videos games with you anywhere in the world.”
– Kevon, Artist, 31


12. “Electric shavers, designer duffle bags, money or tie clips, leather driving gloves, a wallet, a passport holder, video games, and video game headphones, cool figurines, bad ass toy cars, smoking shoes, cigars, a hookah, a belt, cologne, a sick Versace bathrobe, or a car shop or spa gift certificate are all gifts I would love to receive.”
– Will, Event Coordinator, 29


13. “As I get older I cherish experiences, so tickets to anything cool is good with me. Poker chips are also nice, it shows you support boys’ night.”
– Edward, Real Estate Agent and Entrepreneur, 41


14. “PS4, a watch, basketball/football/hockey game tickets, a weekend trip +1 for him and his best friend, a gift certificate for a tailored suit. Or whatever TV screen he has, get him a bigger one.”
– Evens, Photographer, 31


Surfing Tofino – Surf’s Up Surf Camp for Autism , Tofino, BC. – #yeginthecity

Surf’s Up for Social Good | Surfr Story

 surfs up camp photo

“The sun was shining and the surf was small enough for most the kids to get some green in the line up!” – Dennis Nerpio, Founder, Surf’s Up Surf Camp, Tofino, BC.

Given the prevalence of autism—the neurological developmental disorder that affects one in 68 children in our country—it seems almost unfathomable that most people don’t know more about it. I first learned of autism in high school, volunteering in an after school program at Phillips Academy Andover that brought autistic children together with “normal” people to help them socialize and have fun.

Very little was known about autism in the early 2000s, and today there is still much to be discovered. Families dealing with autism are faced with countless challenges in everyday life, and it’s not easy to find an activity that pleases a whole group of autistic children given the complexity of the disorder and the wide variety of sensory aversions. This is a disorder where people struggle to communicate, and to feel or express emotion. And though it may be surprising to most, surfing is one such activity.

The Surf’s Up Camp in Tofino, British Columbia is a grassroots initiative started by Dennis Nerpio, whose son was diagnosed with autism at age four. Dennis, a surfer himself, took his son to the beach one day about five years ago, and discovered something magical… not only did his son enjoy the beach, but surfing with his dad took him out of the context of being an autistic child and provided him a new sense of freedom.

Dennis was inspired by his son and wanted other children with autism to experience the same. He set a date, began making phone calls, and about one year later, Surfs Up surf camp was off to a start (note, the first year, Dennis forgot the apostrophe, and this is a running joke). Everyone loves the event, held at Cox Beach on Vancover Island in the late summer when the waves are small and manageable and the water is warm, well… it’s still Canada, not that warm!

Surf’s Up began 2014 with a plan to have 36 kids with autism plus their siblings for a one-day surf camp. The event has gained attention over the years, and as the wait list grew, reaching 30 families, Dennis decided to ramp it up. Surf’s Up added an extra day and opened up twelve more spots for kids with ASD.

“Sometimes in life you have that moment where suddenly everything around you comes full circle. You stop what you are doing and take a moment to let everything sink in. You are awe struck by how many people have come into your life and how many strangers become family.” – Dennis Nerpio

One autism therapist and one surf instructor is assigned to each family. Each child is guided on the waves for an hour of surf. They may sit on the front of a longboard with a lifevest, or be pushed into waves by themselves close to the shore, depending on what suits them best. A total of 90 kids participated in this year’s event, including siblings surfing. Dennis and the organizing team felt that including siblings was important, to help both build a bond and share in on the fun. Siblings often get left out of the fun things that their brother or sister with ASD get to do… but Surf’s Up is an inclusive event that encourages participation from the whole family.surfs up

The event continues growing with raving reviews from the participants. The event is described as one of the best of the year, with magical moments of joy and freedom. Surf’s Up allows the children and the families to be free of concern and to “let loose”… to enjoy the exhilarating fun of the waves. It’s that simple.

“I think being in an environment where the kids are accepted and not judged and encouraged by everyone surrounding them is special,” Dennis explains. “At the end of the day when we give out awards for all the kids including the siblings they are just stoked!”

The word for the weekend from most families was “magical” or best vacation ever!

“At the end of the day it’s about the kids and families and creating the community and awareness while have an awesome time surfing and playing beach games” – Dennis Nerpio

At the awards ceremony, the joy is evident with big smiles and high fives everywhere, “I won!!” the kids yell. The kids are feeling the flow, Dennis reports, “it’s like getting barrelled for the first time, you come out just stoked! These kids are feeling that moment.” They get their first wave tandem or even going solo and being pushed into the

There is one child in particular that helps tell the story embodies what most kids are feeling. She is about 9 years old has Autism, is blind and has a fragile bone disease. It is her second year attending and each time I see her in the water she is always slapping the board wanting to ride more waves with her instructor. She can’t see what’s going on around her but she can feel it.”

Surfr is a brand that promotes social good and aims to build a community of surfers that are connected to a greater cause. We look for stories about people who are either trying to make a change in society, or just out there doing good things for our planet, or for other people. I learned of Surf’s Up through Indiegogo and was immediately impressed by Dennis’s initiative to use his own experience with his son to help others experience a simple joy that so many of us take for granted.

I asked Dennis about how his son feels about the progress of the camp. I was curious if he still loved surfing, and had really caught “the bug” that turns us from hobbyists to enthusiasts. “He can not get enough” of surfing, Dennis explains. And he thinks the camp is fun, but he doesn’t say too much, as “expressing feelings is hard for him unless it is for Mom or Dad”. But, like his father, the boy understands the camp is benefitting others. Dennis told me “he’s worried about what the other families would do,” if they stopped the camp.

Dennis and Son

Surf’s Up Surf Camp in Tofino is free event is supported by sponsorships from organizations such as Rip Curl and Harmony House, a Center for Autism research and therapy. This year included over three hundred people total, including children, parents, instructors and volunteers.


    • Schedule
    • Musicians
    • Map
    • Volunteer

    All is Bright is a FREE festival celebrating the coming of the winter season. Taking advantage of the bridge closure, we’ll be playing all day in High Street, with activities for the kids during the day, and fun for the grownups at night! With light installations and ice scupltures, we will welcome the season with open arms and festive spirits!

    A day full of activities and a night of fun, including:

    • Live music (both outdoors and indoors at various venues)
    • DJ dance party
    • Food trucks
    • Street performers
    • Fire dancers
    • Light installations
    • Ice sculptures
    • Outdoor patio parties at Violino’s, Urban Diner, Manor Café, and Starbucks
    • Santa Claus photo booth
    • Horse-drawn sleigh rides along 124 Street
    • Carolers
    • Free hot chocolate
    • 124 Street scavenger hunt
    • Storefront light display contest
    • Drop-in street hockey
    • Free shuttle bus along 124 Street
    • Vendors

    Join us as we welcome the season of light at All Is Bright!

    Light up the Night on 124 Street

    Join us at 6 p.m. for a countdown to the light up of 124 Street and High Street!

7 Recipes You Have to Master for Winter

7 Recipes You Have to Master for Winter

By: Benjamin Mann Posted in: YP Life – Nationwide || November 21, 2014, 10:00 am

7 Recipes You Have to Master for Winter

One of the greatest things about winter is the substantial volume of delicious food and drink it ends up putting in front of you. So if you’re going to do winter and the holiday season properly, you should probably be contributing to the pile of goodies.

Whether you’re hosting friends, attending a dinner party, or just trying to keep the frost off your veins, you should have a few frigid-friendly classic recipes ready to come in hot at all times.

Here are 7 we think everyone should have on the menu this season…

1. Turkey Chilli
Just about everyone loves a nice steaming bowl of chilli – especially when it’s freezing outside. Not only is this one a crowd-pleaser, it’s also one of the best dishes with which to actually feed a crowd; the ingredients are inexpensive by bulk, the prep and cooking process is simple, and if you make too much, leftovers are an easy, freezable blessing.

Why turkey?

Well, if you soak any meat in tomato sauce and onion juice long enough, it all pretty much tastes like beef. And we find that people are generally grateful for a relatively healthy option during the otherwise immune-battering holidays. So you might as well go with turkey or chicken, or if you really have to go red, grab some grass-fed beef. Keep in mind: you know you’re going to smother it in cheese when it’s done anyway.

Extra points if you make a bread-bowl or serve it in a Santa hat.

Snoop around; there are tons of great recipes out there from unique ones like Rachael Ray’s Ranch-Style Turkey Chili to a baseline classic like the one below. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

2. A Proper Eggnog
If you think Eggnog is “gross,” feel free to skip to the next item. But you’re seriously missing out.

First of all, eggnog is as much a holiday beverage staple as anything else. In fact, it’s almost critical to the whole season; if you think after several hours of light-speed travel, staring at reindeer ass and sneaking past condo security guards Santa wants a glass of 2%, you are sorely mistaken.

He wants eggnog. Boozy, creamy eggnog. And when we come over, that’s what we want too.

Chances are, if you’ve had a bad eggnog experience, it’s because some chump just sprinkled Bacardi into your glass of store-bought slush. The homemade stuff can and should be flavourful, refreshing, and strong enough to put a moose in a coma.

There are simple-but-delicious recipes like this one (feel free to go a bit lighter on the cream and eggs):

Or more boozy-and-complicated-but-unreal recipes like the one you’ll find here on that suggests 1-3 weeks for aging.

Better nog waste any time.

3. Beef & Vegetable Stew
Do you own a Crock-Pot? No?

Get a Crock-Pot.

Any investment that allows you to properly cook a bunch of food without requiring you to actually be there is a worthwhile investment in our books. Wouldn’t you rather be relaxing and drinking that delicious eggnog you just made?

A good stew has the very same attractive qualities of chilli plus an infinite list of alternate ingredients.

You have some peppers and zucchini left over? Throw ‘em in there. A drawer of beets and some stuff that’s either cilantro or parsley? Why not. As long as you have a good, thick base and you don’t connect your cooker to a 250-volt outlet, you’ll be the Sultan of Stew in no time.

Here’s an example of a very simple, very good stew recipe

4. Mulled Wine
Too chilly outside for a pitcher of cold sangria? Well then it’s about time you got into the warm sangria known to many as “Mulled Wine”, or as we like to call it, “Cabernet Soupignon”.

If you like fruit, cider, wine, and warm stuff, you need to whip up a batch of this festive beverage to have handy at any and all holiday events like parties, dinners, and watching Elf alone in your living room.

There are no crazy ingredients or brain-buster steps required. Much like the stew and the chilli, it’s mostly staring and stirring. And then drinking.

The ingredients are also flexible; feel free to throw in pears, apples/apple cider, or even plums if you want to get crazy. It’s hard to mess this one up, and as much as taste matters, lack of stress is perhaps the most important requirement for a holiday recipe.

Here’s an example of a great recipe from the famous Jamie Oliver:

5. Fish Tacos
Now you might be asking yourself, “What do fish tacos have to do with winter?”

Well, they’re on this list because they’re awesome and everybody loves them. That’s what they have to do with winter. We done here?

And frankly, Mexican-based cuisine has been underrepresented in holiday season menus furrr everrrr and we don’t understand why. Tortillas are used to “wrap” stuff and guacamole looks like someone barfed a Christmas tree. How could the two not go together?

It only takes about 40-60 minutes to whip everything up and even if you don’t nail the basic flavours, you always have the garnishes as a fall-back. It’s also a pretty refreshing meal compared to the other heavy and hot dishes people often prepare during the winter months.

Here’s a recipe for classic fish tacos you might find handy:

6. A Green Salad With Fruit and Cheese
Nope, these aren’t just for Thanksgiving. Every solid winter dinner or holiday pot-luck needs a green salad that conjures up memories of summer and a time when you could ride a bicycle without snowtires.

And of all the easy things we’re suggesting, this is by far the easiest. Not to mention the healthiest.

Cranberry salads are popular, but feel free to get creative as just about any fruit mixed with cheese and a savory dressing is going to taste spectacular.

Here’s a great recipe for a winter fruit salad with lemon poppyseed dressing:

7. Apple Pie
If you didn’t see this one coming, shame on you. SHAME. Very few things are more festive and more delicious than a slice of homemade apple pie accompanied by a scoop of ice cream the size of a puppy.

Nail this once and you’ll never buy from a store again. A high-end bakery or an orchard, maybe. But definitely never a grocery store or a pawn shop. Which you probably shouldn’t be doing anyway.

We recommend trying to make your own crust. It’s the hardest part but it can also be the most rewarding, second only to the nap you’ll take after eating it for lunch on a Sunday.

There are a gagillion apple pie recipes out there, including simple ones from President Obama himself and complex (but unreal) ones from Joanne Chang at the well-known Flour Bakery in Massachusetts. But if you’re not sure which pie to pick, here’s a solid basic one to get the wheelbarrows turning…

If you’ve got any other recipes you think should be mastered for the winter months, let us know in the comments. And we can all get cooking.


Cover photo from:

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16 Sure Signs He/She Isn’t Into You- Bounce !!

16 Sure Signs He/She Isn’t Into You

16 Sure Signs He/She Isn’t Into You

We’ve all been there at some point – whether we choose to admit it or not.

And we understand how easy it is to find yourself blindsided by the multiple warning signs that the person you’ve been into just simply isn’t feeling the same way.

Call it denial – or claim wishful thinking – but odds are you’ve been through the same thing. (Don’t worry, we still think you’re great.)

Well, it’s time you started taking stock and recognizing where you’re at with the one you like/love/pine for. And we’re here to help. These are 16 signs that he/she just isn’t that into you…

1. You’ve “Double Texted” More than Once in Your Recent Text History
That’s because he/she failed to respond to your first text and, as hard as you tried, you couldn’t control those fingers when the decision came to try again “send” on a second one. Maybe they just didn’t get the first one…?

2. He/She Avoids Pictures of the Two of You
He/she knows vary well that it’s sort of a big deal for a shot of the two of you together to end up on Facebook or Instagram. Not only will it lead others to speculate about your relationship when one of you would rather keep it on the down-low, doing so kills the other person’s game.

3. He/She Won’t Hold Your Hand in Public
And that’s for all of the same reasons they avoid pictures with you.

4. Your Plans With Him/Her are Always Last-Minute
He/she can’t commit to plans with you in advance – whether that means a day or a week. After all, something better (aka: that hottie from the gym) may come along in the meantime.

5. His/Her Phone Dies a Lot
It’s not the best sign when his/her phone always seems to “die” around midnight each and every time they go out. Sure, maybe their phone really is bad…but if he/she really wanted to see you, they’d text a heads up before the battery got below 10 per cent.

6. They Don’t Let You Leave Things at Their Place
No matter what, things start to take a more serious spin once you start leaving your belongings at his/her place. If he/she calls you ten minutes after you leave to let you know you’ve left something there, and brings it to your next dinner date, we suggest a little reality check.

7. They Openly Text Other Guys/Girls in Front of You
If he/she makes it easy for you to casually glance over at their phone screen through their perpetually texting fingers when they’re texting other guys and girls you’ve never herd of, we’re not going out on a limb when we say he/she probably isn’t feeling you.

8. He/She “Doesn’t Believe in Labels”
And you know this because he/she reminds you every time you get slightly buzzed enough to bring up the “what are we?” topic.

9. You’re Never Invited Along for Nights on the Town
Why would you be? What’s that expression about bringing sand to the beach? Conveniently, these are the same nights that his/her phone dies on a whim.

10. He/She Always Has “Somewhere to Be” First Thing on a Saturday or Sunday Morning
It’s one thing to have a late-night sleepover on Friday or Saturday nights, but to stick around the next day is a different story. If he or she always has “somewhere to be” every single morning after, perhaps you should have somewhere else to be the night before.

11. You’ve Never Meet His/Her Family
As a matter of fact, that one time his/her parents called from five minutes away for an unexpected visit, you were ruched out of there in such a panic you’d think the place was on fire.

12. He/She Doesn’t Ask Your Opinion on Things
Because, frankly, it doesn’t matter. They don’t plan on having you around long enough for your opinion to matter. Don’t like their new couch? It’s cool, you probably won’t be sitting on it long anyway…

13. He/She Makes Constantly Makes Plans Without Consulting You
If he/she makes it routine to tell you his/her plans for the weekend on a Friday afternoon (complete, with a “I hope to see you at some point”), rather than consult with you first, it just solidifies your status as their backup plan.

14. You’d Think He/She Were the Prime Minister with how “Insane” Work Has Suddenly Become
If there’s one thing that’s difficult to argue against with fellow young professionals, it’s the so reliable “work commitment excuse.” Remember, if he/she really wants to see you – no matter how insane work gets – they just will. As a matter of fact, he/she should see you as a release from all the work stress. 

15. He/She is “Not Ready for a Relationship”
Correction: he or she just isn’t ready for a relationship with you. We’ve seen even the most non-committal of the hard partying YP magically become “ready” for a relationship once they meet the one they want to be ready for.

16. He/She Avoids Eye Contact During Sex
Being sexual inevitably invites the possibility for both emotional and physical attachment. Making eye contact heightens this possibility (in the mind of the person who’s just not that into you, at least)… so that’s why they don’t.

Sorry for the blow; but we promise you’ll thank us later.

Top 5 Men’s Autumn/Winter Boots – Canada

Practical Boots To Survive Autumn/Winter

The weather has taken a turn for the worse, the rain is setting in and it seems summer is well and truly over. If I was anything even remotely resembling a cool #menswear blogger, I’d make some awesome Game of Thrones reference about winter coming. But I’m not, so I won’t.

But the one thing I am when it comes to men’s style is prepared. And you should be too. Because without a good game plan heading into the colder months, you’re just setting yourself up for a mighty wet fall.

In particular, you’re going to need a wardrobe full of warm, seasonally-appropriate fabrics, a decent overcoat and, the focus of this article, a couple of pairs of boots to keep your feet protected and dry.

If you ever needed a reason to get excited about winter, this is it: it’s boot season again. Gone are the flimsy, hard to maintain/keep clean lightweight silhouettes such as boat shoes, trainers and espadrilles. Instead, it’s time to dust off the old faithfuls and jump in some (not too deep) puddles.

And that really is the best thing about boots: they can be relied on. You don’t need to worry about them once they’re on your feet. They require very little maintenance (if you invest in quality), are versatile enough to work in both casual and formal settings and can be paired with pretty much any item of clothing you already have in your wardrobe – from a pair of olive cargo trousers to a navy suit. It just comes down to what type of boot you buy…

Top 5 Men’s Boots For AW14

To help you make the right decision, I’ve pulled together a list of five specific silhouettes that will see you through even the darkest of nights. I’m not saying you have to buy them all. I’m not saying you have to buy only one. All I’m saying is that these are the boots I fall back on time and time again when it comes to handling whatever this unpredictable season throws at me.

As always, it’s important to purchase shoes that fit you. You’re going to be wearing them a lot and blisters are never fun. Much like fine tailoring, you really do get what you pay for – in terms of fit, quality and craftsmanship – so always buy the best you can afford.

Look for traditionally made styles and treat your footwear as an investment. After all, a great pair of boots will last you for many, many years.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Leather Chukka Boots

These are an everyday essential for me. I used to be a brown suede desert boots type of guy, but they just weren’t a sustainable option.

Suede already gets a bad rap for being a delicate material, but when it comes to a night out it really is impractical. Have you ever tried cleaning suede hungover on a Sunday? Why do it when you can avoid it?

Chukkas are near enough the exact same height, shape and size as a desert boot, but more suited to the evening, especially in black or brown leather. They can be dressed up or down effortlessly and look superb matched with dark denim, grey chinos or tweed trousers.

Just a great all-rounder.

Men's Leather Chukka Boot Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

  • H BY HUDSON HOUGHTON BOOTS IN BLACKH By Hudson Houghton Boots In Black
  • ASOS CHUKKA BOOTS IN LEATHERAsos Chukka Boots In Leather
  • ASOS CHUKKA BOOTS IN LEATHERAsos Chukka Boots In Leather
  • DUNE CRADLED ROUND TOE CHUKKA BOOTSDune cradled Round Toe Chukka Boots
  • TED BAKER TORSDI CASUAL ANKLE BOOTTed Baker Torsdi Casual Ankle Boot
  • RIVER ISLAND BROWN LEATHER CHUKKA BOOTSRiver Island Brown Leather Chukka Boots
2. Tan/Burgundy Brogue Boots

The perfect dress boot. The brogue detailing adds an element of formality to the otherwise relaxed silhouette and burgundy/tan has been every style-conscious gent’s go-to colour choice when wanting to stand out in a business environment for years.

While they work perfectly well paired with jeans and other rugged workwear items like cord shirts and leather jackets, they look particularly great teamed with traditional suiting fabrics like worsted wool, flannel and tweed.

To give your outfit an added touch of detailing, fold the hems of your trousers/chinos/jeans a couple of times. Not only does this help dress down the look slightly, but it also shows off your boot to the fullest.

For those that work in more conservative office environments, don’t worry, they will simply give off the same appearance as a brogue shoe once your suit trouser hangs over them.

Men's Brogue Boot Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

  • HE BY MANGO BROGUEING LEATHER BOOTSHe By Mango Brogueing Leather Boots
  • OLIVER SWEENEY WREN BROGUE BOOT BURGUNDYOliver Sweeney Wren Brogue Boot Burgundy
  • OKEEFFE FELIX LEATHER BROGUE BOOTOkeeffe Felix Leather Brogue Boot
  • GRENSON SHARP LEATHER BROGUE BOOTSGrenson Sharp Leather Brogue Boots
  • REDWICK LEATHER BROGUE BOOTRedwick Leather Brogue Boot
  • BERTIE CALIBRATE LACE UP BROGUE BOOTSBertie calibrate Lace Up Brogue Boots
3. Brown Chelsea Boots

Made a comeback last autumn/winter and if you don’t currently have a pair of Chelsea boots in your shoe collection, you’re not doing yourself any justice.

Yet rather than going down the obvious Bob Dylan/early Beatles route by investing in black leather, why not opt for a Chelsea in a shade of brown – whether that be chocolate, walnut or tan?

Combine with your navy/grey cold-weather suiting during the working week and reference their rock ‘n’ roll heritage at the weekend by pairing with slim black jeans, a plain white tee and leather biker.

Tip: Look out for burnished toe styles this year, which will add character to your boots and show you are a man who pays attention to the details.

Men's Brown Leather Chelsea Boots Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

  • SELECTED HOMME MARC CHELSEA BOOTS IN BROWNSelected Homme Marc Chelsea Boots In Brown
  • ROLANDO STURLINI LEATHER CHELSEA BOOTSRolando Sturlini Leather Chelsea Boots
  • ASOS CHELSEA BOOTS IN LEATHERAsos Chelsea Boots In Leather
  • RIVER ISLAND BROWN HIGH SHINE BUFFED CHELSEA BOOTSRiver Island Brown High Shine Buffed Chelsea Boots
  • RIVER ISLAND BROWN BUFFED CHELSEA BOOTSRiver Island Brown Buffed Chelsea Boots
  • BERTIE CLAPHAM COMMON-CHELSEA BOOTBertie Clapham Common-chelsea Boot
4. Duck Boots

Perfect for those days when you have to deal with torrential rain, sleet or snow.

Traditionally they come with brown rubber bottoms and olive leather uppers, but modern iterations are being produced in a variety of colours and styles.

They are probably the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn and a personal favourite due to their slightly more interesting shape and history in comparison to the Wellington.

Pair with heavy duty twill chinos, denim shirts, tweed blazers and quilted jackets for the ultimate town meets country look.

Men's Duck Boots Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

  • J. CREW LACROSSE FOR J.CREW DUCK BOOTSJ. Crew Lacrosse For J.crew Duck Boots
  • SPERRY EVA DUCK BOOT SHOESSperry Eva Duck Boot Shoes
  • NASHOBA SUMMIT BLACK SUEDE MENS CASUAL BOOTSNashoba Summit Black Suede Mens Casual Boots
  • TRAIBREAKER DUCK BT WPTraibreaker Duck Bt Wp
  • SOREL ANKENY – LACE-UP BOOTS – BROWNSorel Ankeny - Lace-up Boots - Brown
  • SOREL WINTER BOOTS – BROWNSorel Winter Boots - Brown
5. Hiking Boots

Or, in simple terms, a pair of boots that you’re not afraid to get down and dirty with. Some real skull crushers, as my punk friends would say.

I love anything made by Red Wing or Wolverine but these will really come down to your own personal taste and the role they’re set to play in your wardrobe.

I have a chocolate brown pair of Wolverine 1000 Miles that I exclusively wear with worn in denim, Oxford cloth shirts and rugby tops.

Tip: Try styling with thick boot socks poking out the top in a contrast colour or pattern. They offer a great way of injecting some colour and life into your practical winter looks.

Men's Hiking Boots Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

  • BELLFIELD HIKING BOOTBellfield Hiking Boot
  • THE NORTH FACE MENS BALLARD 6 INCH BLACK MOUNTAIN BLUEThe North Face Mens Ballard 6 Inch Black Mountain Blue
  • MENS JULES B SHEARLING LINED HIKING BOOTSMens Jules B Shearling Lined Hiking Boots
  • BRASHER HILLWALKER II GTX MENS HIKING BOOTSBrasher Hillwalker Ii Gtx Mens Hiking Boots
  • SOREL MAD MUKLUK – LACE-UP BOOTS – BROWNSorel Mad Mukluk - Lace-up Boots - Brown
  • HE BY MANGO LEATHER WORKER BOOTSHe By Mango Leather Worker Boots
Final Word

There you have it, five boots that will see you through not just this coming autumn/winter season, but many more to come.

Always remember that it’s important to take care of your footwear: shoe trees and the occasional clean and polish will do wonders in prolonging your boots’ lifespan.

But as always, I want to hear what you have to say. Did I miss a key style from the list? What boots do you turn to once the cold sets in? And which brands do you prefer?

Need a “Scheduled” Alberta Weekend Getaway ? Try these Excellent Inns of Alberta – Jamie Burke

Ntj meal with a view

Solitude, isolated, and secluded may not be words that appeal to many until it comes time for a vacation getaway.

Finding your “out of the way” location shouldn’t be a big hotel in an undesirable area of town. Secluded getaways are places where you leave your stress behind, change your scenery and relax into the simplicity of your surroundings.

Perhaps you are seeking solitude for a romantic couple’s getaway or maybe it’s simply to catch up on your reading. The Charming Inns of Alberta secluded getaways are accommodations that are characterized as being a bit off the beaten path and where the only neighbours are wildlife.


Overlander Mountain Lodge

The Overlander is situated at the eastern edge of Jasper National Park. The 30 minutes drive to this property will be a highlight of your Jasper visit. The opportunity to see wildlife, rugged mountains, pristine lakes and untouched forests await. The Stone Peak Restaurant onsite at the Lodge features casual dining with spectacular mountain views and large patio. Wine Spectator Award winning wine lists.


East Jasper / Hinton, Alberta

Mount Engadine Lodge Exterior in Canmore, Alberta.

Mount Engadine Lodge

Mount Engadine is perched above Moose Meadows and is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. Hiking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing are all right out the back door. Recently its Music in the Meadow series named Engadine as ‘One of the top five coolest places in Canada to see a music concert’ by Pure Canada. Rates include all meals and dinner is served by whispering candle light, in the dining room overlooking Moose Meadows.


Canmore, Alberta

Baker Creek Chalets Bistro in Lake Louise, Alberta.

Baker Creek Chalets

Ideally located in Banff National Park between Banff and Lake Louise and beside Baker Creek are log chalets, Jacuzzi suites and the renowned Bistro restaurant. Open year round; experience the World’s finest at your doorstep; ski, hike, bike, fish or just simply take in the magical beauty of the Canadian Rockies.


Lake Louise, AB

Aurum lodge cropped 2

Aurum Lodge

Aurum Lodge is Alberta’s unique eco-tourism country inn and cottage located off the eastern edge of Banff National Park. A ideal base to explore the central area of Banff and Jasper National Parks. Adjacent to Bighorn country you can engage in the many year-round low impact activities of the mountains.


Nordegg, Alberta

The prairie creek inn

The Prairie Creek Inn

A 4 ½ star bed and breakfast country inn offering ten luxury guest rooms, fine dining and an executive meeting centre all within steps of Prairie Creek. Siituated twelve minutes from Rocky Mountain House, two hours from Calgary and Edmonton and fifty-five minutes from Red Deer.


Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

As if you didn’t already know, we’re pretty awesome. – Canadians

14 Canadian Inventions You Didn’t Know About But Use All the Time

14 Canadian Inventions You Didn’t Know About But Use All the Time

As if you didn’t already know, we’re pretty awesome.

Not only do we have one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Canadians have been responsible for the creation of some of our most reliable daily go-tos.

Want to entertain the in-laws at the cottage? No problem.

Hell of a hangover? We got you.

And so, in no particular order, here are 15 different things you didn’t know were invented by Canadians – and they’re making your life better every day.

1. The Snow Blower
As fun as manually shovelling snow in the middle of a Polar Vortex may be, the snow blower makes the winter a little less swearword inducing. The Canadian winter became a little more tolerable in 1925, when Montreal’s Arthur Sicard invented the snow blower.

2. The Luggage Tag
Anyone who’s experienced the joy and convenience of losing a piece of luggage while flying knows that a luggage tag is as essential as the suitcase itself. New Brunswick’s John Michael Lyons reduced levels of “travel anxiety” with the first baggage tag in 1882, containing information about the point of departure, destination, and owner.

3. The Telephone
Though issues of his nationality remain grey, Alexander Graham Bell was a Canadian when he invented the telephone in 1877, an invention that would later become the most important thing in our teenage lives (MOM, GET OFF!!! YOU ARE EMBARRASSING ME). Not long after, he founded the Bell Telephone Co., which is Canada’s largest communications company today. The telephone changed the way we do business, socialize, and even date.

4. Jockstrap Hard Cup
Nobody wants their man arriving home from his weekly hockey game so crippled in the crotch department that he’s useless in bed for a week. And he likely doesn’t want that either. That’s why the jockstrap hard cup was many a Canadian boy’s favourite accessory growing up. And why Canada’s Elastic Hosiery improved the jockstrap in 1927 by adding the hard cup.

5. Trivial Pursuit
A good old-fashioned game of Trivial Pursuit is always the game-saving hero on a cottage weekend away with your family or the in-laws. Especially if wine is involved. A Montreal sports editor, Scott Abbott, and photo editor Chris Haney invented the board game – which somehow never seems to get old – in 1979.

6. Poutine
Nothing soaks up booze at the end of the night better than a fully loaded poutine. Alternatively, this Canadian delicacy can also work wonders on a hangover. Basically, it’s a miracle dish in the post-party department. And it’s a 100 per cent Canadian creation, with various parties taking credit for its founding in the 1950s.

7. The Paint Roller
If you thought that painting your place yourself was an experience that you’ll never do again, think of how much more brutal it would have been without a paint roller. It was invented by Canadian Norman Breakey in 1940, and later tweaked and patented by American inventor Richards C. Adams. We’ll still take the credit, though.

8. Peanut Butter
Whether on apples, celery, or in good, old-fashioned peanut butter and banana sandwiches, PB is a definite favourite. Also: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The goey goodness was the vision of Montreal pharmacist Marcellus Gilmore Edson, who patented it in 1884.

9. Instant Mashed Potatoes
Instant mashed potatoes played an important role in university when it came to cooking a half decent meal for your significant other of the month. When you’re working within the confines of a university house kitchen, there’s no chance of the real thing happening. Housewives breathed a collective sigh of relief when Canadian Edward Asselbergs invented the first form of instant mashed potatoes in 1962.

10. The Walkie-Talkie
Donald L. Hings invented the walkie-talkie for the Canadian military during World War II. Not only are walkie-talkies a must when organizing large-scale events, they also offered hours of fun when we were kids. And if it weren’t for the walkie-talkie, how would the bouncer have been able to radio to his boss (your friend) for VIP treatment when you showed up at his club? Or alternatively, call for back up when you started screaming to be let in…

11. The Egg Carton
It’s enough of a challenge to get your eggs home from the grocery store without them breaking; imagine life without the egg carton. Because that was reality before British Columbia newspaper editor, Joseph Coyle invented it in 1911.

12. Instant Replay
Think of how many amazing sports moments you would have missed if it weren’t for instant replay. CBC Television producer George Retzlaff created the first-ever instant replay in 1955 during a broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada. And in the last 60 years it’s managed to stop millions of bar fights by offering solid proof of what actually just happened.

13. The Caesar
Where do we even start when it comes to the beloved Bloody Caesar cocktail? How about first thing in the morning. Or on the dock in summer? Or just about anytime you want. It was invented in 1969 by bartender Walter Chell to complement the cuisine at his new Italian restaurant.

14. Green Garbage Bags
Though it’s not exactly a work of art, we can’t imagine taking trash to the curb without them. Canadians Harry Wasylyk of Manitoba and Larry Hansen of Ontario invented the first plastic garbage bag for commercial use in 1950, armed with stretchy, waterproof polyethylene. They’ve been trash talkin’ their competitors ever since (sorry, we had too).

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