Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Statement

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, (August 27, 2014) – The Board of Directors of the

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce recognizes the announcement by President & CEO

James Cumming to seek the nomination for the federal Conservative party in the riding of

Edmonton Centre.

“The Edmonton Chamber is a non-partisan organization. However, our members and

volunteers are always pleased to see a member of the business community seek public

office at each level of government and across the political spectrum,” said Simon

O’Byrne, Board Chair of the Edmonton Chamber. “We will miss James and his

contributions to the Edmonton Chamber within his role as President and CEO.”

Cumming tendered his resignation to the Board of Directors of the Edmonton Chamber to

avoid any perceived or real conflict of interest. The Board accepted the resignation and

asked that Cumming remain in a leadership role during transition, while the Board

immediately undertakes an executive search.

Members of the Edmonton Chamber, dedicated volunteers, board members and staff

continue to set the policy and advocacy direction for the organization. “The Edmonton

Chamber will continue to pursue its mission to create the best environment for business,”

said O’Byrne.


Media Inquiries

Bobbi Menard


Edmonton Chamber of Commerce


Simon O’Byrne

Board Chair

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce



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