Kaleido Family Arts Festival. Huge Success – Arts on the Ave 9th year in a Row.

The Festival itself is visually amazing, from Lamp posts in full decor, to creative child performers, visual arts to artists dancing on the walls.Truly an amazingly well put together festival. – Jamie Burke

Message From The Artistic Director

Christy Morin, Founder / Executive Director, Arts on the Ave Edmonton Society

Welcome to our 9th Kaleido Family Arts Festival. This unique festival has been built on community, passion, and creativity. Each year, this festival shares how the arts and community together bring joy, laughter and friendship to a neighbourhood that had lost vision of its beauty, history and identity. Its spirit was lost…we are thrilled to be part of the rebuilding of the Alberta Avenue District. Rebuilding takes commitment for the long haul, and I am happy to share that we are here and not leaving. Thank you to each of you, our partners, community supporters, production team, volunteers, performers, neighbours, and funders for believing with us that change starts with one smile, one volunteer hour or one coffee shared with another.

This year’s theme is Relish! Relish Kaleido! Relish your time with family and friends! Relish life on the Ave!

From our family to yours – have a wonderful time at the festival, come back and visit soon!

God Bless,
Christy Morin


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