Credo Amazing Coffee in Edmonton on 104 st – Downtown

Credo is my favorite place in Edmonton to have a excellent coffee. Come try this amazing blend of atmosphere and full bodied coffee.  – Jamie Burke

Credo… a statement of principles or beliefs.

Welcome to credo – a café-based idea that every cup of coffee served will be the highest possible standard of quality and taste.

We have tremendous respect for all who work to provide us with the world’s finest coffees – the growers who work at origin, those who source the best of the best, those who import to ensure the beans arrive“in season,” those who roast to bring out the inherent flavours of the bean and those, in our café, that prepare the coffee and enhance the customer experience.

We believe credo is much more than merely a place to run in for coffee: it is a place to connect, to relax, to discuss, and to feel at home. It is a place where you will be served a coffee that represents everything the producers had in mind when they harvested and evaluated the results of their labour.

At credo, our principle, our commitment, our belief, is to maintain the quality of the coffee that began at seed, and to extract that quality into every cup we offer.

credocoffee to believe in


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