The Life of a Songbird: Citie Ballet pays homage to Billie Holiday – Barbra Day

10221 123 Street

Edmonton, AB T5N 1N3


The Life of a Songbird: Citie Ballet pays homage to Billie Holiday

As Citie Ballet launches into its third year as Edmonton’s resident ballet company, it opens its

2014-2015 Season of Song with a graceful portrait of one of jazz’s finest vocalists, Billie Holiday.

Featuring choreography by Alysa Pires, An Homage to Billy Holiday is for lovers of both dance and

music. But where you would normally only treat your ears or eyes, together they create a sensory

experience unlike any other.

Ballads such as “Strange Fruit” and “Body and Soul” were made famous by Holiday’s

voice, a mix of rich tones and deep sadness. Citie Ballet’s program reflects

Holiday’s own musicial diversity, with the performance blending classical

and contemporary dance forms.

Citie Ballet will also be performing the turn-of-the-century Ballet

Russes classic, Les Sylphides. Sylphs, or faeries, come to life at

the whims of a poet. Together they dance in the moonlight, a

romantic setting that one only

finds in dreams.


Saturday, October 4th 7:30 pm

Sunday, October 5th 2:30 pm

Timms Centre for the Arts (112 St. and 87 Ave.)

About Citie Ballet (

Citie Ballet is Edmonton’s resident professional ballet

company. Every year, over the span of three productions,

numerous tours and special presentations, Citie Ballet

mounts a vibrant season of classical and neoclassical

ballet and modern and contemporary dance.

Tickets from $20 to $40

Advance tickets available at Tix on the Square,

780.420.1757 or


780.472.7774 or

art that moves


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