Open Edmonton group wants to track all Edmonton public art in OpenArtYEG project

If graffiti or an outdoor sculpture has ever caught your eye, a new project wants you to map it out for others to enjoy.

A newly formed group called Open Edmonton are plotting the city’s open data information and taking suggestions from Edmontonians so they can build an online map of the public art spaces in the city.

“We have the official collection, now we’re looking to fill it in with the unofficial collection,” said David Rauch, co-founder of Open Edmonton.

But defining what constitutes as public art isn’t so black and white.

For the purposes of this project, Open Edmonton defies it as anything that can be seen without the help of a telephoto lens and something that can be spotted by the public for at least four hours a day.Edmonton art

Keeping that definition in mind, the OpenArtYEG project is asking Edmontonians to send in their public art suggestions starting Thursday.

With all of the information they receive, the group plans to create one online map “so people can take curated walks in the city,” said Rauch.

Open Edmonton is the first Western Canada citizen-led open data and civic tech crowd.


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