What Women Want Men to Wear this Fall

Listen up, fellas.

We know it’s nearly impossible to please a woman, and when it comes to men’s fashion choices, wowing us isn’t much easier.

We all want our man to have a sense of his own personal style.

We want him to dress like an individual, but we don’t want him to stand out too much. His clothes mustn’t be too tight or too baggy.

It’s a fine line, gentlemen.

And while it might seem that you’re doomed no matter what you wear, we’re here to make getting dressed a little less distressing with these 13 essential items every women wants every man to own this fall.

1. Baseball Jacket
The sportswear trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down and the baseball jacket is still one of the hottest athletic-inspired pieces on the runways. With modern, slim fits and opulent styles, what woman wouldn’t want to see her man hit a fashion home run this season?

2. Crisp, White Sneakers
One of the first things a woman looks at when she sees a man is his shoes. And nothing screams that a man doesn’t have pride in himself more than a torn up, dirty pair of sneakers. From high-end designer brands, to more affordable and traditional sneaker labels like Adidas, Nike, and New Balance, whether your taste is retro, classic, or streetwear, there are countless options to choose from.

3. Proper Fitting Denim
Nothing is worse on a man than an ill-fitting pair of jeans. We’re not asking for much here; simply don’t go for a pair so baggy that the world can see your plumbers butt, or so tight they’re causing infections and low sperm count (read this if you need a good freak-out). Let’s just stick to a classic pair of dark, straight-leg denim this fall, shall we.

4. White Button Up
The most versatile shirt a man will own is a white button up. Appropriate for work, dates, or errands, it can be worn layered or on it’s own, and is an absolutely necessary item to stalk up on.

5. Cashmere Sweater
We’re not asking you to shell out big bucks on the fines designer cashmere sweater (many affordable brands offer their own versions) but nothing feels better than snuggling up against your man’s cozy cashmere on a crisp fall night in.

6. Navy Blue Blazer
A well-tailored, navy blazer is one of the sexiest items a man can own. It’s timeless, refined, and can be styled in various ways – preppy, modern, or traditional. There aren’t very many pieces of clothing that are as functional and adaptable as a navy blazer.

7. Pea Coat
Something about a man wearing a pea coat screams prestige and fashion. It’s no wonder it’s been a men’s fashion favourite for centuries.

8. Elastic Ankle Pant
This is one of the trendier items on our list, but if you’re looking to show off a little bit of your personal style and want an updated version of the chino, these are the most ideal weekend pant.

9. A Plain White Tee
A plain white tee with a pair of dark, slim fitting denim will have women weak at the knees. Key word here – plain. No logos, no funny phrases – keep the comedy for boys night out.

10. Fresh Boxers
We can’t believe this is something that has to be mentioned, but it undoubtedly does. Every few months throw away any stained, torn, or tattered underwear. And please, no tighty-whiteys. Just stick to boxers or boxer briefs, anything else just freaks us out.

11. Chelsea Boot
Girls really do judge a man by his shoes. Luckily, this season designers are making your go-to shoe an easy pick for you. Take it from the kings of the ’60s, The Beatles and The Stones, the Chelsea boot is the most versatile, easy to wear boot out there. It slips right on and you can dress it up or dress it down – it’s almost impossible to get the Chelsea boot wrong.

12. Luxe Hoodie
Just as much as you appreciate your lady when she’s dressed down, we love a man in his comfy clothes. But this season, sweats aren’t just made for sweating. Designers are offering refined versions of your favourite piece – the hoodie – with fancy features and luxe fabrics. Who wouldn’t want to sport one? (See what we did there?)


13. Leather Biker Jacket
We all know that women can’t resist a bad boy, but to avoid all the effort and drama, the leather jacket is a way to look like a ruggedly rebellious adventurer in your woman’s eyes without ever having to get in trouble or, you know, actually learn how to ride a motorcycle…


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