Pieces of Airport Fashion Advice for Your Upcoming Adventures – YEG

Pieces of Airport Fashion Advice for Your Upcoming Adventures

By: Notable Posted in: YP Life – Nationwide || October 8, 2014, 11:45 am

9 Pieces of Airport Fashion Advice for Your Upcoming Adventures

Come on, we know you better than that.

The problem is, it’s freezing when you leave the Canadian fall and winter and usually (see: hopefully) hot and humid where you land.

And since airports and airplanes can range from dry and chilly to hot and sweaty (security lines, anyone?), we want you to be extremely comfortable without looking like a hot-mess. So to keep your fashion turbulence to a minimum, we’ve come up with nine pieces of airport fashion advice for all your upcoming adventures.

1. The Blanket/Poncho
Ponchos/blankets seem to be one of the biggest trends this season, and what better way to stay cozy and warm on your flight – and on trend – than wrapping yourself in one of these?

2. A Travel Blazer
Pairing a wrinkle-free blazer with boyfriend jeans and sneakers is the perfect way to stay chic while still feeling relaxed.

3. Maxi Dress
A maxi dress feels like a nightie but keeps you looking refined. The extra coverage on the legs is a bonus for keeping warm with the airplane’s blasting AC.

4. Slip on Skater Shoes
One of our favorite trends this year is the slip on skater shoe. How easy will these make your trip as you’re going through airport security?

5. Hat
Hide bedhead and avoid crushing your treasured topper by simply wearing it on the plane with you. 

6. Big Purse/Carry-On Bag
Nothing is worse than losing your luggage, so to ensure everything’s safe, bring all your valuables on board. Big purses can also have enough room for an extra pair of underwear, a toothbrush, and other emergency items.

7. Billowy Pants
Silk, billowy, elastic waist pants are a pleasant way to maintain a polished look.

8. Heavier Knits
Don’t waist space in your luggage on heavy knits. Instead, wear them on the plane. When you start feeling a little toasty, tie it around your waist for a carefree, high fashion look.

9. Wrap it Up
According to Vogue, scarves are already “the new necklace,” and besides, this snuggly accessory can double as a pillow or a blanket once you get on the plane.


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