Edmonton’s Best Restaurants 2014

Edmonton’s Best Restaurants 2014

Welcome to Avenue’s third annual Best Restaurants feature, and let the debates begin!

Photography by Curtis Comeau and Curtis Trent.

Photography by Curtis Comeau and Curtis Trent.

This year, our judges politely argued over what they thought was the city’s top dining spot; and, once their votes were cast, they still had to rank restaurants in 20 more categories. From best new restaurant to best to-go spot — from best pizza to best burgers, this is our most extensive survey of the Edmonton restaurant scene yet.

We hope this guide encourages you to try some of the delicious dishes at some of Edmonton’s exciting new spots, or revisit some old favourites. 

And, we know that this section will sow the seeds of debate; some of you will no doubt be disappointed that your favourite eatery wasn’t included. But, as Edmonton’s restaurant scene continues to grow, it gets harder and harder to get onto theAvenue list.

This should be your takeaway; if you’re supporting local chefs and the independent restaurant scene, no matter your preferences, you are helping Edmonton become a more diverse and cosmopolitan city.

We thank our judges: Food writer Tina Faiz, NAIT culinary arts instructor Mike Maione, food expert Gail Hall and regularAvenue contributor and former Edmonton Public Library writer-in-residence, Omar Mouallem. The Avenue editorial team also cast their votes.

Now, prepare for your appetite to be whetted. Keep a phone nearby, because you might need to make some reservations in the next few minutes.

*Editor’s note: Because of the lead times needed to compile the lists, only restaurants that were in operation before Nov. 1, 2013 were considered. 

Click the following categories to find out the top restaurants in each title.

Best Overall

Best New

Best Brunch

Best Steak

Best Lunch

Worth the Drive

Best Latin

Best Japanese

Best Italian

Best To Go

Best Thai

Best Pizza

Best Dim Sum

Best Desserts

Best Cafe

Best European

Best Burger

Best Mediterranean

Best Vegetarian

Best Indian

Best Food Truck


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