11 Things You Need to Do Before You Have Kids

11 Things You Need to Do Before You Have Kids

But not yet.

‘Cause here are 11 things you need to do before you even think of having them…

1. Take a Trip Alone
The amount of adventure, growth, and self-discovery that comes with travelling alone is unmatched. And once you have kids, you’ll barely be able to go to the bathroom alone, let alone think of hopping on a plan solo.

2. Book a Vacation on a Whim
Speaking of hopping on a plane, at least once in your life it’s made even more exciting when the ticket was purchased just days (or hours) prior. If you think that taking a solo trip’s going to be tough, booking a last minute trip will be near impossible once there are kids involved.

3. Live in Another City
Everyone should live or at least spend time in another city while they’re still young and have yet to establish roots in a specific location. It offers a different cultural perspective, challenges you to branch out socially, and offers a sense of discovery.

4. Sleep Away an Entire Weekend
Though in an ideal world, our weekends would be super productive and full of exercise, errand running, and catching up with the family, there’s no shame in sleeping away an entire weekend. You’ll look better, emerge more relaxed, and be ready to tackle the week with a focused mind. Kids, on the other hand, mean no sleep. Like, zero. Ever.

5. Take a Fitness Challenge
Sure, you work out enough to do the trick. But why not try to get in the best shape you possibly can with an intense fitness challenge? Make it a goal now, while you’re young and not tied down, to look the best you possibly can (both clothed and naked).

6. Go on a “Going Out” Spree
What better way to tire of “the scene” than to have your own little going-out-spree a few times a year to get it all out of your system? You’ll quickly realize how much worse the hangovers are getting, how it’s actually not as fun as it looks to be a “party person,” and how welcoming a night in with sweats really is. Once you have kids, you won’t feel like you’ve missed out on the party when you’re stuck staying in – whether you like it or not.

7. Splurge on Something Totally Ridiculous
As long as it isn’t self-destructive, everybody should splurge on something totally ridiculous before they have kids. This could mean an insanely priced designer handbag, a motorcycle, or a trip to St. Tropez. Once have kids, not only will your carefree lifestyle take a hit – so will your wallet. And living in our cities isn’t getting any cheaper…

8. Become a Foodie
If you’re childless, there’s no better time to discover your foodie side. You have the time, freedom, and disposable income to check out a new hot restaurant every night of the week if you wanted to (ok, maybe notevery night). With a new screaming baby in tow – not so much.

9. Do Something Risky and Adventurous
Whether it means skydiving, white water rafting, or cliff diving, fulfill your inner daredevil side before kids offer the best excuse not to.

10. Stop Sponging Off Your Parents
You need to stop acting like a child before you can have kids yourself. This means putting the red light on running to mommy and daddy – whether for cash, or just to complain about every little daily problem.

11. Spend Time with People Who Have Babies
The best way to know what you’re getting yourself into is to be around kids first. You’ll quickly realize that it’s one thing to post pictures of your kids at their cutest and on their best behavior and quite another to endure their tantrums, bodily functions, and constant demands for your attention.


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