International Weekender: October 17 through 20, 2014

International Weekender: October 17 through 20, 2014

International Weekender: October 17 through 20, 2014

You want to know exactly what’s going on wherever your plane may touch down over the next three days.

Well, now you can.

As for learning the local language, that one’s on you.

Chicago Comedy Film Festival
If comedy’s your calling, this film festival in the Windy City will have all the laughs you can handle – and after parties, of course. Oct. 16-19.

Abdullah Ibrahim, New York City
A legendary jazz musician at the legendary Carnegie Hall – if you’re stopping over in New York City this evening, this is where you’ll want to be.

AIDS Walk Los Angeles
You won’t find a more fulfilling way to spend Sunday morning in LA. Join 30,000 other walkers and still squeeze in your day’s good deed while skipping church.

Tokyo International Film Festival
Ok, so it doesn’t start until next Thursday (Oct. 23), but we figure the advanced notice will give you enough time to re-route your stopover through Tokyo if you’re travelling on that side of the world next week. It’s true, there’s a whole world outside of TIFF.

Oktoberfest, Melbourne
If you’re still in beer mode and didn’t make it to Munich over the past few weeks, you can still get your last taste of Oktoberfest this weekend (Oct. 18). It’s already Saturday in Australia as you’re reading this, so get to it and prost.

Harper’s Bazaar World of Fashion, Dubai
Eight days of fashion and beauty in the world’s most glam city – this one’s a must attend for anyone with even the slightest sartorial interest. Diane Von Furstenberg’s travelling Journey of a Dress exhibition is a must-see.

Amsterdam Dance Event
Catch the tail end of one of Europe’s foremost dance music festivals (on until Oct. 20), featuring pretty much everyone you’d want and need to see in the industry. There’s enough going on to make you forget coffeeshops even exist.

Fotoistanbul, Istanbul
A month-long exhibition of the world’s best photography in a stunning location – this is where you’ll want to be if touching down in Istanbul this weekend.


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