Holiday Gifts You Didn’t Know He Wanted – #yeginthecity

Holiday Gifts You Didn’t Know He Wanted

Holiday Gifts You Didn

Ladies, this is our gift to you.

Instead of spending several stressful hours trying to figure out what the man in your life wants this Holiday season (hint, it’s probably exactly what he told you he wanted – he’s not complicated) we’ve gone ahead and found the answers.

We asked 14 young professional men what gifts they’d actually like to receive this year and this is what they said.

So pay attention before you start shopping.

1. “Long Johns, thermals, nice boots, or those warm roots socks. Stuff to keep you feeling warm and cozy this winter.”
– Jamie, Singer, 21


2. “Cologne is always a great gift. If you don’t know what scent to choose and you’re his girl, just get the one that you like the smell of best.”
– Jim, Broker, 23


3. “A full, classic shaving kit, with the blade and belt and all that jazz.”
–  Kyle, Blogger, 27


4. “Shopper’s Drug Mart gift cards, ’cause razors are so damn expensive, or a clipper to shave. Cologne that she likes, a good chef’s knife, an engraved pocket knife, a money clip, or a good pen. Anything classic that he will have for the rest of his life is always a safe bet.”
– Marco, Retail Owner, 35


5. “A belt or some type of beard trimmer. Ties for work or gym gear. Things that guys would never buy for themselves but are always in need of.”
– Adam, Project Coordinator for a Digital Marketing Agency, 28


6. “As a photographer, I would want equipment for work. Writing programs, editing programs, cool little stuff for work.”
– Hyghly, Photographer and Video Producer, 25


7. “A really nice throw with a leather carrier, or cashmere socks to add to my sock collection.”
– Tyrone, Television Host, 33


8. “Something that doesn’t mean I need to spend excess money to do it. One year my ex-girlfriend bought me a couples massage at Langdon Hall in Kitchener. I had to drive all the way to Kitchener because she didn’t have a car, buy dinner, and a hotel room for the night. It seemed more like a gift for her.”
– Curtis, Construction Business Owner, 26


9. “Something I can cross off my wish list. Pay attention to hints. Whether I see something while we are window shopping and say that I love it, or mention an item that my friend has that I like, or if I show you something while scrolling the net. Men leave hints just as much as women do.”
– Ben, Dentist, 37


10. “A few things that I want include cool socks for everyday, something traditional, but modern, such as a varsity jacket, or something rejuvenating like a massage. I’ve also had my eye on a pair of wireless audio headphones.”
– Robert, Photographer, 28


11. “It may seem nerdy, but for the serious gamer guys, the Gaems PGE is the ultimate gift. You can bring this game station anywhere because it comes with a screen that works with the Xbox 360 and Slim PlayStation 3. I’m sure this isn’t ideal for women, but this enables you to bring your videos games with you anywhere in the world.”
– Kevon, Artist, 31


12. “Electric shavers, designer duffle bags, money or tie clips, leather driving gloves, a wallet, a passport holder, video games, and video game headphones, cool figurines, bad ass toy cars, smoking shoes, cigars, a hookah, a belt, cologne, a sick Versace bathrobe, or a car shop or spa gift certificate are all gifts I would love to receive.”
– Will, Event Coordinator, 29


13. “As I get older I cherish experiences, so tickets to anything cool is good with me. Poker chips are also nice, it shows you support boys’ night.”
– Edward, Real Estate Agent and Entrepreneur, 41


14. “PS4, a watch, basketball/football/hockey game tickets, a weekend trip +1 for him and his best friend, a gift certificate for a tailored suit. Or whatever TV screen he has, get him a bigger one.”
– Evens, Photographer, 31



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