Here’s Nina – Nina Haggerty fundraiser tomorrow night YEG in the city will be there in Support

On November 4, 2014, the newly renovated Chateau Lacombe ballroom explodes into life as never before!

Our long-time event host, Sheri Somerville, joins forces with playwright/director Stewart Lemoine and the cast of the Varscona Theatre’s unique variety show, That’s Terrific, for a madcap musical-info-variety-style extravaganza. You’ll see Edmonton’s most vivacious theatre artists, plus hilarious cameos by surprise (and possibly surprised) guests in this sparkling tribute to all things Notable and Nina!

Reception 7PM / Stage Show 8PM. Seating is on a first come, first served basis!


10 Most Haunted Places On The Prairies

1. Banff, Alberta – The Banff Springs Hotel

Legend has it: A family was brutally murdered while staying in Room 873 – hence why it’s been covered in since (but if you look closely you can still see where the room was.) Also, years ago, a bride accidentally touched her dress to a candle on a flight of stairs. Her dress went up in flames and she fell down the stairs to her death. Guest report seeing her frequently roaming the halls of the hotel.

2. Calgary, Alberta – The Deane House

Legend has it: Several unusual deaths took place at the residence, including a young woman jumping to her death from the second storey and a man being gunned down on the porch. Staff at the house say they sometimes see a man smoking a pipe in Deane’s study, hear ringing from an antique phone that’s not plugged in and can smell tobacco, even though the house is non-smoking. Rumour also has it the attic is home to a bloodstain that reappears, changing shape and size, no matter how many times it’s been washed.

3. Frank Slide, Alberta

Legend has it: In the spring of 1903 the face of Turtle Mountain came loose, causing a massive landslide and covering the town of Frank below. Seventy-six people were reported dead, some bodies never recovered from the rubble. People often report seeing mist and eerie apparitions when looking at the wreckage from the slide. Many think ghosts frequent the area because not all of the bodies were recovered and they are still looking for their loved ones.

4. Edmonton, Alberta – Edmonton General Hospital

Legend has it: Despite being closed and unused for years, the old B wing of the hospital still smells of sick people. As well, children’s cries can be heard coming from the old pediatrics floor. A construction worker was killed while working in the basement of the hospital and is often seen in the spot where he died. As well, a mother crying for her dead child wanders the halls of the hospital, but disappears when approached.

5. Winnipeg, Manitoba – Fort Garry Hotel

Legend has it: Room 202 is considered the most haunted room in the hotel after a woman was rumoured to have committed suicide upon finding out her husband was killed in a car accident. Cleaning staff have reported seeing blood running down the walls of Room 202. Former Liberal MP Brenda Chamberlain often retells the story of how, during her stay, she felt someone climbing into bed with her and tossing and turning in the middle of the night.

6. Winnipeg, Manitoba – St. Ignatius School

Legend has it: A little girl haunts St. Ignatius after she died falling off the rings on the playground. Many children have stopped using the red rings out of fear, claiming that when you try to cross them you will feel hands on your legs trying to pull you off.

7. Winnipeg, Manitoba – Walker Theatre (Burton Cummings Theatre)

Legend has it: Staff claim to hear phantom applauding coming from this theater, which is over 100-years old. 200 lb. steel doors have been seen moving on their own and there are constant whispers and disembodied voices to be heard. Some people believe the unusual activity can be explained by acting team Laurnece Irving and Mabel Hackney who died in 1914, after less than a week of performances at the theatre.

8. Weyburn, Saskatchewan – Weyburn Mental Hospital

Legend has it: An investigation into one of Canada’s first mental institutions in the 1930’s turned up cruel and inhumane practices by the doctors. It was the site of lobotomies, electric shock therapy, and some of Canada’s controversial LSD experiments. Before being demolished in 2009, people heard voices and some reported seeing a woman in the fourth floor window, pacing back and forth through the night.

9. North Battleford, Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan Hospital

Legend has it: Another prairie psychiatric institution that suffered from extreme overcrowding, which lead to deplorable conditions. The hospital still stands today, and has three large cemeteries on the grounds, where there have been reports of strange voices coming from gravestones. A patient who was burned badly in a fire still haunts the building.

10. St. Louis, Saskatchewan

Legend has it: Just outside Prince Albert, this friendly town by day is known for dark happenings by night. A set of train tracks was covered over after an accident on the tracks killed an entire family. It’s rumoured the engineer responsible for the accident was so wracked with guilt he committed suicide. To this day, people have reported seeing ghost trains come through the area or see the engineer walking where the tracks once were.


Hycroft Mansion, located in the upper class neighbourhood of Shaughnessy, is a 20,000-square-foot home with a history of well-documented paranormal activity.

There are seven ghosts said to roam the halls of this 30-room historic manor, making it more populated with the afterlife than other haunted Vancouver locations.

hycroft mansion

Image: University Women’s Club of Vancouver

The home is known for its many secret panels. These panels are believed to be used by the family to store their valuable heirlooms.

Hycroft Mansion was built for politician and war hero General Alexander Duncan McRae in the early 1900s and has played host to many high society parties. Numerous sightings of an elderly man dressed in a World War I uniform have been reported over the years; this is believed to be the spirit of General McRae. Another ghostly figure is that of a lady, thought to be McRae’s wife Blanche, who died in 1942.


Blanche McRae in the garden at Hycroft (Charles West via the Vancouver Archives)

After his wife’s death, McRae gave the property to the Canadian government to use as a veteran’s hospital, Shaughnessy Military Auxiliary . Hycroft’s other ghosts purportedly come from this era in the home’s history. There have been sightings of the ghosts of three World War I-era veterans (nicknamed “The Pranksters”), that of the hospital’s head nurse, and lastly that of a ghost known simply as the “crying man, thanks to the tearful sounds that have been heard by many people in one of the lower floor rooms.

The ghosts that reside at Hycroft Mansion seem to only appear when film crews are shooting on location, especially shows that focus on paranormal activity, such as the “X-Files.”

Photo of the Hycroft ballroom in 1942 by Don Coltman, Steffens Colmer via Vancouver Archives

One security guard positioned during the filming for “Catwoman” says he took photos with his digital camera of the property that show a ghostly white mist in the images. Staff have reported getting a spine-chilling sensation walking into certain rooms of the home.

Hycroft Mansion has been owned by the University Women’s Club of Vancouver since 1962.


  • Unlike Many othher cities in the world, Vancouver is still considered to be relatively young. Therefore, it doesn’t have that grand history and thus not as many ghoulish tales from beyond. However, in a little over a century Vancouver has amassed a few haunted tales that we believe are worth sharing. Here are the top 5 haunted locations in Vancouver. Be careful the next time you’re there, you never know what lurks just around the corner. Happy Halloween!

1. Gastown

It only makes sense that the oldest neighbourhood in the city would also be home to the majority of ghost sightings in town. From the Old Hotel Europe to the ghost conductor at The Old Spaghetti Factory many apparitions wander the cobbled streets of Gastown at night.

2. Hycroft Mansion:

Hycroft Mansion, located in the upper class neighbourhood of Shaughnessy, is a 20,000 square foot home. It’s also a place with a history of well documented paranormal activity. Unlike the other supposedly haunted Vancouver attractions, Hycroft Mansion is home to seven ghosts that love to peruse the halls of this 30 room abode.Read more

3. The lady hitchhiker of UBC: She roams the streets waiting to be picked up by unsuspecting males. Numerous reports by male students claim that they picked up a women that handed them them a piece of paper with the library’s address on it. She’ll jump in the rear seat, and then quickly disappear. This has happened on more than one occasion. Next time it could be you…

4. Hotel Vancouver’s Lady in Red:   Home to what many believe is the nicest ghost in the city, the famous Lady in Red. She’s been around for half a century and the hotel doesn’t deny her supernatural existence, in fact they embrace it. They have named a cocktail after her and she is widely known by hotel staff. Read more.

5. Vogue Theatre: Built in 1941, the Vogue Theatre has long been a popular venue for concerts, plays and performers. The theatre is also known to be the home to two spirits, one of a dapper man and another of which very little is known. Both ghosts have been reportedly spotted several times by attendees, workers and even a performer, prompting the performer to cut his performance short. Read more.

Image: Jason Kazuta — with Kelly James.

Alberta Art Gallery – The Moulin Rouge Halloween Masquerade Fund Raiser

 NOCTURNE : AGA Masked Fundraiser
Saturday, October 25, 2014
8 pm–1 am | 18+
$150/ $125 AGA Members
Make it a group affair! Buy 5 tickets get 1 free
Drinks and food included
Purchase tickets >

The Moulin Rouge was the height of nightlife and spectacle in turn-of-the-century Paris, and we’re bringing that spirit back for our annual Halloween party.Featuring an absinthe bar, burlesque, music from GirlsClub, an absinthe chocolate station by JACEK Chocolate Couture and more!

Join us in your most daring evening attire and help us recreate the decadent atmosphere of Paris’ most infamous cabaret. Burlesque bustiers and Cancan ruffles, over-the-top rhinestones and feathers, embellished vests and stately stovepipe hats. . . nothing’s too bold for the Moulin Rouge!


Nocturne is a fundraising event. Net proceeds allow your AGA to offer the best in exhibitions, programs, and education to Edmonton and Alberta. A charitable tax receipt will be issued for each ticket.

Sponsored by             Food and Beverage provided by

Langham Developments       Zinc-Logo-Final

– See more at:

Are you Board on Halloween ? Maybe your Just boring !! – Edmonton Events – Jamie Burke

spooky science

Nocture: A New Masked Affair
Where: Art Gallery of Alberta
When: Saturday, October 26, 8 pm – 1 am
Cost: $150 (fundraiser for the Art Gallery of Alberta; includes food and drinks)
About: Don a mask and enjoy the “spirit” of Halloween during this evening of glamour inspired by the occultism of the Victorian era. Don’t have a mask? They’ll be plenty of supplies available to craft your own! Explore a haunted house, sip on witch-crafted potions (of the alcoholic variety), dance to music by DJ Mitchmatic, have your fate revealed by a fortune teller, go for a scavenger hunt, and watch some spooky films — sure to be a memorable and bewitching evening!
More Info:

Can’t make it to the soiree? The Intellection of Lady Spider House instillation exhibit is on display at the Art Gallery of Alberta through January 12, 2014. Renowned multi-media artist Geoffrey Farmer, in collaboration with other international artists, has designed an interactive haunted house exclusively for the Art Gallery of Alberta that guests can engage with and explore.

For the little ones in your life, take them to Halloween at Your AGA on October 30, 10 am – 11 am, to build a mask and explore the gallery while keeping an eye out for goblins!

Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror 
Where: Winspear Centre
When: Thursday, October 31, 9:30 pm
Cost: $29
About: Dress up and celebrate Halloween with an unforgettable evening of music and a classic horror film! Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horror (1922) was an unauthorized film adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Nearly all copies of the film were destroyed under court order, but one print survived and came to be regarded as a masterpiece. Young German organist and composer Mathias Rehfeldt makes his Canadian debut to accompany this bizarre and chilling classic, performing his own original score on the Winspear’s renowned Davis Concert Organ.

Scary-Nasty Improv Show
Where: Fort Edmonton Park
When: Thursday, October 31, 7:30 pm
Cost: $20 General Admission; $45 Dinner & Show Package
About: The performers from the Die-Nasty improv troupe bring you a Halloween Special full of laughs and screams!
More Info:

Halloween Ghost Tour
Where: Meet at Walterdale Playhouse, 10322 83 Ave.
When: October 14 – 31, Mon – Thu, 7 pm
Cost: $10
About: Explore the spooky side of Edmonton during a 1 hour and 20 minute walking tour through Old Strathcona. Learn about the history of some historic buildings All tours are outside so dress for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes.
More Info:

Where: Fort Edmonton Park
When: October 25 – 26, 6-10 pm
Cost: $20 per person (Children 2 and under are Free); tickets should be purchased in advance.
About: Fun and fright await children of all ages — come in costume enjoy a walk through the haunted houses, fortune tellers, trick or treating, storytellers, street performers, kids crafts, bonfires, and more! Not afraid of things that go bump in the night? Bigger kids (16+) may want to take part in extra spook-tacular events, like a frightening tour that utilizes strobe lights and smoke effects, extremely loud noises, tight spaces, scary performers, and blackouts (additional charge and registration required).
More Info:

Where: Walterdale Theatre
When: October 16 – 26
Cost: $12 – $18
About: This lyrical play adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic novel is provocative, whimsical, and chilling. The vengeful creatures in this story are definitely not theTwilight kind of vampires — prepare to be scared!
More Info:

Spooky Science
Where: Telus World of Science
When: October 12 – 14, 12:30 – 4:30 pm; October 26 – 27, 12:30 – 4:30 pm
Cost: FREE with General Admission ($16.95 Adult; $14.95 Youth (13-17)/Senior (65+); $12.95; Child (3-12)).
About: The spirit of Halloween and science combine in a series of silly experiments! Try some dry ice chemistry and make some gooey slime the first weekend, then meet Shelob the Chilean Rose Haired Tarantula, Dwayne the Emperor Scorpion, and some other creepy, crawly critters.
More Info:

Haunted Pumpkin Festival
Where: Prairie Gardens and Adventure Farm
When: October 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27
Cost: $12.60 General Admission
About: Enjoy a fall outing to the pumpkin patch and enjoy over 50 family activities including a haunted house, make-a-scarecrow, live music and entertainment, and more! Plus, pick your pumpkin from the patch to take home and carve — additional fees apply based on the size.
More Info:

Edmonton Corn Maze & Farm of Fear
Where: Highway 627, Spruce Grove, AB
When: Regular Maze open through October 19: Tue – Thu 4 pm – 9 pm; Fri 12 pm – 9 pm; Sat 10 am – 9 pm; Sun 1 pm – 5 pm; Closed Mon.
Farm of Fear Maze: October 23 – 26, 29 – November 1, 7 – 1 0 pm nightly.
Cost: $10 Adults; $8 Child (5-11); Children Under 5 are Free
About: Get lost in the fun of a 15 acre corn maze and use your “passport” to find your way out through the twists and turns. Want to make your outing a little more spooky? Visit the Farm of Fear next door — a neighbouring farmyard, an old barn, and parts of the corn field transform into a spook-tacular walk-through attraction with actors, spooky surprises, and props designed to scare bigger kids (12+).
More Info:

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Where: Metro Cinema at Garneau Theatre
When: October 26, 11:59 pm
Cost: $12 General Admission
About: It’s a Halloween tradition! Watch this weird yet wonderful cult film favourite on the big screen, with audience participation led by Edmonton’s Shadow Cast group in a musical tribute to B-movie favourites.
More Info:

DedFest Film Fest
Where: Metro Cinema at Garneau Theatre
When: October 16 – 20
Cost: $12 General Admission
About: Edmonton’s insane genre film festival returns with screenings of 16 feature films and various short films from the genres of horror, sci-fi, twisted comedy, and Asian cinema. Some are scary, some are quirky, some are just bizarre… perfect for the silly, scary vibe of Halloween.
More Info:

Halloween Theatresports and ChImprov
Where: Citadel Theatre
When: October 25, 7:30 pm & 10 pm; October 26 10 pm
Cost: $12 General Admission
About: Get scared silly at these Halloween-themed improv shows! The hilarious improv troupe Rapid Fire Theatre and “Uncle Zombie” host Halloween Theatresports on Friday night featuring improv and some extra silly, gross-out stunts and tricks. On Saturday night, watch as the improvisers perform Nightmare: The Video Improv Game — a longform improv show. The shows are always unpredictable, but the laughs are guaranteed.
More Info: and

World’s Largest Trick or Treat Festival
Where: West Edmonton Mall
When: October 31, 5 – 8 pm
Cost: Free!
About: Little ones dressed in Halloween costumes can follow a Candy Map (pick up at Centre Stage) to find all the treats throughout the mall.

Boo at the Zoo!
Where: Edmonton Valley Zoo
When: October 27, 11 am – 4 pm
Cost: $13.25 Adult; $11 Youth (13-17); $8 Child (2-12)
About: Don a costume and bring your trick-or-treat bag for an evening of family activities including a Spooky Treat Stop Scavenger Hunt, Pumpkin Patch Prize Hunt, and a spooky walk through the Extinct Animal Graveyard and Witch Den!
More Info:

Murder Mystery at Muttart: Shaken Not Stirred
Where: Muttart Conservatory
When: Saturday, November 2, 7 pm – 10 pm
Cost: $79 per ticket
About: In a time where Global Warming has become a threat to mankind’s existence, a scientific discovery is made in our very own city that could save the planet… but only if it falls into the right hands. Your night starts with a stroll through the Pyramids, perhaps a drink at the cash bar, and then a delicious buffet style dinner as the intrigue unfolds. Come in costume, prepare to interrogate suspects, and enjoy a night of mystery at this dinner theatre experience.
More Info:

Edmonton Ghost Tours – October 27, 28, 29, 39, 31 – 2014

2014 Halloween Season

Please arrive at the meeting location 15 minutes early so that we have enough time to complete the walk.  All tours are outside and walking so please dress for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes.

A Ghostly Walk Through Old Strathcona

Dates: October 27, 28, 29, 39, 31 2014.
Night: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. Added tours on Friday Oct 31.
Time: 7pm
(no reservations required)
Place: Meet infront of the rescuer statue next to the Walterdale Playhouse in Old Strathcona at 10322-83rd Ave  – Map
Cost: $10 Per Soul
(cash only)

University of Alberta/Garneau History & Haunted Walk

Dates: October 27, 28, 29, 39, 31 2014.
Night: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. Added tours on Friday Oct 31.
Time: 9pm
(no reservations required)
Place: Meet infront of Rutherford House
11153 Saskatchewan Drive – Map
Cost: $10 Per Soul
(cash only)

A little education can be a ghastly business!  The University of Alberta, a center for academics and higher learning, has more than its fair share of ghosts, urban legends and unexplained events.

We will explore the history of the University of Alberta, how it began and the many important historical figures.  We will also hear about the U of A’s many ghosts including; the little boy at The Rutherford House, the scientist who is still seen walking the halls of the Power Plant and many, many more.

Halloween Haunt at Rutherford House

Night: Saturday, October 25, 2014
Time: 7pm & 9pm
Place: Rutherford Historic Mansion
11153 Saskatchewan Drive – Map
Cost: $35 Students/Seniors
$40 Regular
$75 Couples
Tickets: Tickets must be purchased in advanced through Rutherford

Join us for a ghost tour guided by Edmonton Ghost Tours, through Garneau and the U of A Campus.  After the tour we invite you back into Rutherford House to shake off the heebie jeebies with hot tea, pumpkin pie and cookies. Once you’ve had the chance to explore the house, a reputed medium will provide information on paranormal activity.

Please arrive at the Rutherford House for 7PM sharp dressed appropriately for the evening, as the ghost tour will take you outside for about an hour. After the tour, we will warm you up inside Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site with hot tea, pumpkin pie and cookies without the work of trick or treating!

You are welcome to park in front of the building but we cannot guarantee free parking and highly recommend all guests opt for transit to avoid any extra parking fees. (The LRT arrives in the Hub Mall Station which is very close to our site. You can visit for detailed trip planning.)

Private Tours

Cost is $200 per group of 20 people or less with an additional $10 per person for every person over the 20.

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required.

Tricks and Treats Around Town – Edmonton

Tricks and Treats Around Town

Halloween is creeping up on us and the City of Edmonton has a wide range of events and activities to get you into the spirit for thrills and chills.

Howl-O’-Wiener Roast at the Edmonton Valley Zoo – NEW

Saturday, October 16

Come see the spooky side of the zoo at the newest event for the older kids. Will the wolves howl at the moon? Can you handle getting up close to a snake or rat? Are you daring enough to handle the creepy crawlies from the Royal Alberta Museum?

Treat yourself to a hot dog and a hot chocolate while you watch fire dancers and jugglers. Get an airbrush tattoo, visit the Touch Table to learn about the most terrifying animals in nature and cheer on Lucy as she does a pumpkin painting.

Spend the afternoon getting closer with some of the most spine-tingling animals at the Edmonton Valley Zoo’s Howl-O’-Weiner Roast.

Regular winter rates apply, see for more details.

Boo at the Zoo!

Sunday, October 17

Boo at the Zoo is back and better than ever! Show up in your coolest costume and spend the afternoon at this family favourite event at the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

The Spooky Scavenger Hunt will take you on a tour of the zoo’s Halloween animals including snakes, wolves, owls, bats and more. Try to win a prize at the Pumpkin Patch Prize Hunt or see what you can uncover while digging in the Bone Yard. Do you dare enter the Witch’s Den?

Don’t miss the Jack-O-Lantern stomp in the Elephant Yard, the cauldron-bubbling science experiments, Halloween animal encounters and creepy crawly demonstrations with reptiles, amphibians, and insects. This might just be the most unique Halloween event your family will ever experience.

Regular winter rates apply, see for more details.

The Muttart Conservatory presents… Pumpkins & Pirates!

Sunday, October 24

Celebrate Halloween with an afternoon under the pyramids filled with fanciful songs, exciting tales of adventure and contests to test your mettle like “Yo-Ho Bingo” or “There be Monsters”. Get a taste of the pirate life – go on a haunted treasure hunt or let a caricature artist draw your pirate portrait. Try face painting, pumpkin crafts and planting a “Creepy Fig” to take home. Join the costume parade and win fun prizes. See the display of unusual and beautiful carved pumpkins, meet the artist and get some carving tips to try at home.

Regular admission applies, see for more details.

Fort Edmonton Park’s Spooktacular

Friday, October 29 & Saturday, October 30

Don your costume and venture down to Fort Edmonton Park for a night of fun and fright for all ages. There’s mystery lurking around every corner as you make your way through the Park. Discover the different indoor and outdoor fun zones that make Spooktacular a safe place for the whole family to celebrate Halloween.  Activities ranging from face painting and games for younger boys and ghouls to murky mazes and creepy walk-throughs for the more daring.

Most of all, don’t forget your Halloween bag to collect some tasty treats!


This event often sells out in advance, so book early. Advance tickets go on sale Monday, October 4 to noon on Friday, October 29.

Buy your tickets online.

Advance tickets: $17/person (all ages)
At the door: $20/person (subject to availability)

For more details about this event, visit

6 Amazing Jack O’ Lanterns Even YOU Can Make

6 Amazing Jack O’ Lanterns Even YOU Can Make

pumpkins with candy

fanged pumpkins

nose pumpkinNosey pumpkin via

Googly-eyed pumpkinsGoogly-eyed pumpkins via

mla103665_1008_mouse_motel_xlMouse motel via

monster and alien pumpkins

Whats HOT in the City of Edmonton